Designer Highlight - Erika Barratt

If you don't know the name Erika Barratt, you soon will. She is an amazing artist and crafter based in Brooklyn, NY. Her skill level and hand work is amazing. Her attention to detail and her knack for using the most beautiful materials is uncanny.  

I was first amazed by her paper flower blooms! 

But then I saw her dolls!! If you look closely, the hand stitching is out of this world. It is so incredibly small and perfect. I honestly don't know if I have ever seen hand stitching this beautiful.

And she does bunnies...

And I hope my mother isn't looking at this because this is going to be her birthday present...the deer! They are perfect for the holidays.  

Check out her site! And another amazing thing is that Erika is a finalist for the Martha Stewart American Made competition. You can vote for her here! Please remember over the upcoming holiday shopping season to support your local community and artists!