NYC Garment District

One of my favorite things about living in New York is the NY garment district. While growing up in Lancaster County, PA, all I had was my local Jo-Ann fabric store, which was a good thing in a way because it forced me to be creative! But when you live near the garment district, you can find ANYTHING you have ever dreamed of!!

Today I had to head into Manhattan to stock up on grommet Muffy eyes and beads for my moccasins and once again, I fell in love with the garment district.

If you are ever in town and near the garment district but are feeling a little overwhelmed about where to go, here are a few of my favorite spots where you could start:

Pacific Trimming - Buttons, ribbons, elastics in EVERY color, zippers, and a great selection of metal hardware for bags and accessories. 

Global Leather - This is my go to leather place! Don't forget to check out the remnant bins in the back!

Mood Fabrics - The famous Mood Fabrics is famous for a reason. It's a one stop shop for great fabrics, leathers, trims, and more!