Casey Rubber Stamps

Starting a business is hard...but getting my logo and stamps made for my packaging and logo needs is EASY! I knew I wanted the hand-stamped looked on my packaging and bags, so I searched the internet and etsy for people who make stamps. I found a few but they seemed overpriced, and the waits were always pretty long. A friend told me about this shop in the East Village and it is AMAZING!

It is called Casey Rubber Stamps, located between First and Second Avenues. You send them a file, and in 1 -2 days your stamp is ready for pickup!! They are so helpful, and they always make sure that your file looks great before they make it into your stamp.

The shop is tiny and packed with stamps. They have a great selection of ink pads as well to go on fabrics, leathers, paper, and more!

So if anyone else needs to have stamps made, this is the place! 

Casey Rubber Stamps